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dkd#88/ 104.4grams RARE Green in Sugilite Rough


DINO: A Grade Rare Natural SUGILITE CRYSTAL Specimens - 12 g - Excellent Piece


DINO: A Grade SUGILITE CRYSTAL Polished Stone - 5 g Excellent Material


DINO: AAA Rare Natural SUGILITE CRYSTAL Specimen - 7.3 g - Excellent Specimen


dkd#4/ 41.5cts Natural Multi Colored Sugilite Square Cab


dkd#63/ 68.4 Grams Purple partly GEL Sugilite rough


dkd#1/ 36.2carats RARE Richterite/Sugilite Custom Cut Ben Cabochon


dkd#74/ 54.3cts Purple/Lavender Sugilite pre-forms


dkd#5/ 14.3 cts Island in the middle of a Pink/Lavender Sugilite Ben Cab


dkd#87/ 60.9grams NATURAL Purple Sugilite Slab


dkd#2/ 14.4carats RARE Sugilite/Richterite Custom Cut Ben Cabochon


Purple Sugilite Jade Round Gemstone Loose Beads 15" 6mm 8mm


dkd#86/ 83.1grams Purple Sugilite rough


dkd#62/ 51grams Purple/Lavender Sugilite Rough


dkd#43/ 9.6grams Sugilite in Matrix SS Pendant


dkd#80/ 44.5cts VVID Purple/Lavender Sugilite pre-forms




dkd#76/ 64.4grams Purple Sugilite Rough


dkd#71/ 30.8carats NATURAL Pink/Violet Sugilite Slab


dkd#77/ 55.4carats NATURAL Mulit-Colored Sugilite pre-form


Navajo NAKAI Sterling Silver and Sugilite Floral Ring Size 7


dkd#42/ 3.6grams Purple/Lavender Sugilite w "flowers" SS Pendant


dkd#65/ 32.5grams Partly gel Purple Sugilite w Richterite thick Chunk


dkd#85/ 50.6cts Purple/Lavender Sugilite pre-forms


dkd#17/1.4Carats Sugilite GEL Cabochons


dkd#40/ Sz 7.5 Partly Gel Purple Sugilite SS Ring


Awesome Deep Purple Sugilite Polished Cabochon from South Africa 25.6ct


dkd#3/ 21.7carats Nice Sugilite/Quartz Custom Cut Ben Cabochon


dkd#24/ 2.3carats Small GEL Sugilite Cabochons


Bright Pink Sugilite on Matrix, N'Chwaning III, South Africa


Sugilite & Amethyst Pendant 925 Sterling Silver 18” Chain


Navajo BENJAMIN PIASO Sterling Silver and Sugilite Southwestern Ring Size 9


Sugilite-Wessels mine South Africa


7-8MM Natural Purple Sugilite Grade A Round Gemstone Loose Beads 15"