16 simple ways to eat in the budget.

Putting a habit out of dinner every night can put a little strain on your finances, especially on the student.

However, we all deserve to be treated a little bit every time, and who says eating in restaurants should be worth the equivalent of all yours.

But, of course, three courses and a glass of wine for 7.50 pounds is a thing in the past, right?Play cards, and you can spend less than lunch! Didn' t we mention that you don't have to pay for that sneezing? Hold "scroll" to find out more ...

16 ways to save the food.

Use vouchers and special offers.

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Yes, we know, predictably! But we could not have guidance on this subject without pointing you in the direction of our

Many of these transactions are usually temporary, so you can also subscribe to our

And don't forget.

We always put this sentence in the deal section so keep your eyes peeled!

I used your student discount.

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Your student card.

Keep your student card all the time so you can enjoy discounts at any time and anywhere you can ...

Loading of restaurants offers student discounts-including almost all major chains (check out our prices.

Even if the restaurant doesn't advert a discount, it doesn't mean they won't give you, so there's always a chance at your hand.

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You may have noticed when your bill comes in that if you drink alcohol with food, it will cost as much (if not more) as the price of your food. More,

To keep the expenses down, to keep to the soft drinks with your refectable, or to keep an eye on deals that have a free glass of wine included in the price ...

If you feel especially during the night in color, just head to the bar after that-they will have much lower prices than your average restaurant. It'll even be cheaper if you catch them in time.

Bring your BYOB.

Alternatively, some restaurants allow you to bring your own drink if they don't have a full drink license. Look.

Although, be careful with the dwarvs! Each site has different prices and rules, but selecting bottles of beer over a bottle of wine can see that you are charging per unit (which means you will no longer care for the camp) ..

In addition, some restaurants will only allow you to bring wine and beer, while others are happy to bring you a bottle of alcohol and charge you only for mixers ..

Don't be afraid to give the restaurant in advance to find out what the BYAB policy is ...

Be flexible about time.

Many high-class restaurants offer early bird dishes to be visited earlier in the evening before the seat is occupied ..

They're usually called.

The menu is defined and is usually present.

It is important to note that the movie theater is usually not offered on weekends.

Don't pay for the water.If the restaurant serves alcohol, it's too.

I'm not worried about asking for something from the crane. That's your right! Bottled water can sometimes cost a ridiculous price in restaurants, so don't waste your cash ...

To be a mystery diner.

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It's a great trick to get your food for free (and even in fact.

The secret dining-room means you signed up for the agency that sends you to free meals in different restaurants. A catch? Well, in return, you need to fill out an account of your experience, which comments on the service, cleanliness, and other factors. Not bad!We have a guide to how to start with.

Subscribe to newsletters.

Many large restaurant chains, such as La Tasca, Pizza Express and Wagamama, have a newsletter that you can subscribe to at ...

Every now and again (and almost always.

We recommend that you keep the washer in two or three of your favorite restaurants, so you get offers without sticking your box or even better-set up a special.

Bring a dog home.Credit: Dean Vissing-.

How many times has passed into the restaurant with the rumour of the stomach and gone to town on the menu just to be left to end with half of your food still on your plate?We were all there, but the worst thing you can do is let your uneaten food go to waste!This might have been far more important to Americans, but we, the British, needed not to be shy about asking ourselves to take our food home and see what it really is.

Try the buffet.Okay, so it's not the most difficult night you can imagine. But if you have a big appetite and really want your money, there's no better place for your head.

We have a load.

Think about it-spend some money on the buffet, and you don't want to eat again at your age. Although, you probably don't want to move, either, so bring the backup copy ...

Let' s go and eat with me.

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So it's not.The club, together with a group of friends, takes it in line to prepare something nice, full of candles, whores and searches in a box (taxis is an optional home field). It's almost the same as the exit, and it could be more fun ...

And the great news is that we have a whole guide on how.

Eat your birthday.Remember when you were eight years old and the birthday parties were the best? Well, if you're eight or twenty-eight, it's a birthday present that keeps on giving!

The restaurants offer the birthdays, where you can offer you a discount that will be used on your day. Loads even all of his food.View our extensive directory of all the restaurants, bars and cafés that offer.

Check the social network of the restaurant.

Social networks are not just to chat with friends, to look at the music videos and.

Restaurants-large and small-want you to keep an eye on them in social networks, so as an incentive they often run competitions for free meals, offer discounts for a limited period or mail vouchers for money from your account ..

The best thing to do.

I'll grab a bite before we get there.Credit: 20th Century Fox.

We know it sounds very intuitive, but you wouldn't.

If your stomach is in the process of eating yourself before you even leave the house, you will most likely order your eyes, not your stomach (which is unfortunate for your purse) ...

Verify that the service is enabled (and do not be afraid to remove it).

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In contrast to the United States, all restaurants in the UK will receive at least a minimum wage (or.

Therefore, although this is a good idea for the waiting staff, if you really enjoy your food (chef is also getting cut, so if the food is good, but there is no service, you still want to consider the possibility of pulling), you should not feel obliged to do so if you have rotten experience ..

The British have a tendency to staff, regardless of the fear of being rude or coarse, but this is not the way of culture ...

Many restaurants (especially in cities like London) will be available.Alternatively, if you want to pay for the lower tip (or nothing at all), you can.

Look for loyalty schemes.

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Loyalty cards may seem more appropriate to clothing stores and supermarkets, but an increasing number of restaurant chains have started offering them to encourage their fists to keep coming back ... and it works!

Nando, Villagio and La Tasca have a map of loyalty cards, and you'll probably find that a lot of small, independent restaurants, too. It's just your research!There's no excuse now for eating your bank balance when you ate it!