How to help a friend who's been thinking about suicide

If your friend thinks of suicide, you can't control what eventually happens, you can control your part on the way

It's 11:00 in the morning, and I get a message from a friend: her partner is gone, and she's out of control because he was talking about suicide

That's the same night I talk to each other. Something about her saying that sounds hopelessly and completely. I'm worried about her. I tried that she couldn't be safe

As a suicide of suicide, I realized that there was actually a guide to help me and others-when suicide threatened someone's life

Below are steps that have helped me countless times, including in situations I have just mentioned. (Each of these people, by the way, is still alive.)

The signs that someone might think about suicide is changing. But often people will talk about helpless and hopeless. They can express that they are in some kind of mental, emotional or physical pain

"the more we ask ourselves about suicide, the more it helps the person who's struggling with us to know that they can be straight with us in our response."

Such behaviour may be self-service or may be linked to suicidal thoughts or elsewhere. The only way to find out is to ask

You can, at the opposite end, know a man who, of course, is more introverting. Suddenly they say "yes" to everything and take risks. What is this? Investigate him. Let your friend know that you've noticed the changes, and that you will pay attention because you care about them.

"You're not going to suicide in someone's head if it wasn't there."

It may also be that your friend seems to be all together. They all seem perfect, but there's something in your stomach that you can't imagine. Something's wrong. Is there something they're not telling you about? It could be nothing

But what if all this perfectionism is an attempt to hide a serious struggle? One more time

In such situations, you have a huge fear: you are not going to take someone's head not suicide in the head if it wasn't there

But how do you do it like suicide? The best approach is a direct approach

"Remain in silent mode does not give any of the parties an opportunity to connect to the aid."

Asking may sound like, "Do you think about suicide?"

Or like this: "Do you think about completing your life?"or "... kill yourself?"or " ... taking your life? "

This may be frightening for a man with suicidal thoughts to answer that question, because suicide is not something that we often talk about openly. The shame and shame in the air hangs in the air when we do it. More directly, we ask ourselves about suicide, the more it helps a person struggling with us to know that they can be straight with us in our response

Remember, this may be an awkward conversation, but suicide can be prevented. A silent silence does not give any of the parties the opportunity to join together to help

You don't have to fix your friend. This is not a job that needs to be fixed.

This temporary assistance may give hope, and perhaps it is a feeling that your friend has not experienced for some time

In the ideal case, this connection will be the one who can help them build a safe plan. Any one

" Ask your friend who they would be comfortable with. You can even call or visit crisis support together. "

Couldn't find one of them? You can ask your educational institution, the campus counseling center, campus police, or medical and wellness center

Get to know your friend, whoever they're comfortable with.

Connecting your friend to someone who can help make them safe is an important step in extending their support. Supporting support can also take a step by step, helping others to know how to keep themselves safe if these suicidal thoughts are still on them, or if they ever again threaten their lives

If your friend is in immediate danger and/or refuses support, you need to call the campus police or call an emergency first answer to 9-1-1

We call it self-service. This can go for a walk in the woods, listen to music, or with a friend who can help you charge the battery. If it's life, it's self-serving

You may need to process and ask what happened, and that's good. Just now

Instead, you can take advantage of your campus. For example, reserve a meeting at the consulting center of the campus. Try asking them about upcoming workshops to overcome skills, skills and other useful skills-holding seminars for you and your friend

In addition, you can decide to take measures to prevent suicide within 3.5 hours

You have options, and we're glad that your friend

* Views expressed in respect of the author, and not necessarily for the "Student life" or their partners

Shawna Percy-Founder of The Voice of Life: training for life. A vital voice is a passion for educating people and communities with the participation of suicide bombers, training sessions and seminars. Sean Percy was also privileged to be a TEDxUW in 2016