Living off campus: 5 solutions to daily strugles

For those who live off campus, it's more than just games and games

Living off campus is a step closer to independence. If you have made the transition, these are the little tips you want to take to help you with the reality that you are too familiar with

Your transport situation is the main determining factor in your quality of life if you do not live on campus

If you have your own set of wheels, you will combine a batch of students who spend half their time in their cars. Your car should not only be a way of transportation, but also a block of memory and expansion of your bathroom

Other brave people who live outside the campus are choosing the way of public transport. You don't need to move, so your bus time may be different from reading, sleeping, or completing an assignment that should be completed in 30 minutes. It means that if the bus is late, then you're

Students outside the campus usually fall into one of the three categories when it comes to their habits

You're a guru with a pathetic chamber that can only be bought at best. Other favoras are: Kraft Dinner and frozen dinners. You can accidentally upload in addition to the Sriracha plate, but rarely deviate from your cooking tool: the microwave oven

Taking into account the tastes of the house, this student is trying to replicate the cooking food of the mother, not the skimp when it comes to throwing down for name brands or expensive ingredients in the grocery store

You don't know how the fridge works in your apartment because you've never used it, but you know Tim's menu better than your own mother. Your budget is mainly aimed at feeding your habit, but you never have to worry about what you do

It's also your (big) problem when they can't control their finances, and you have to take half the rent, so

Other students choose to live with mother and father, and depending on these relationships, this may be a great or terrible nightmare. Live with your parents, as soon as you're all adults

It can also be very annoying. Now you have to worry about paying for things like water, electricity and the Internet, every month-no less. Besides, you know that parking is surprisingly expensive

Life away from the hostel includes a lot of self-telling, and successful students learn these skills quickly. When you're at home, in bed, you're facing a 45-minute connection at -12 degrees in the weather, the class is bypassed very, very simple

In addition, it may be difficult to stay aware of what is going on around your school when you are not in the middle, so you will learn that your friends on campus are an important lifeline and news source

If you enter the intranet, you will learn that he pays to go to the campus and take a more proactive approach to staying involved. If you are in the exterior, you will learn to balance social requirements with educational

Where you live while you go to school, everything about getting and receiving. Life on campus can be a great way to move from home to independence, build a community and find yourself, but live off campus with its own set of perversions and unique experience

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Victoria Roshberry

Victoria is a writer and a graduate student who likes to write about students, health and health, and relationships. When she is able to stop printing and leave the computer, she is likely to eat vegetarian food or work on the track near her home. She lives with 14 domes and two pets